. . . And it Ends Terribly. . . Sing it. . . This is Me
. . . Until We Said “I Do”A Late, But Romantic Valentine’s Day SurpriseA New, More Unconscious Demigod Arrives
A New Home and a New FamilyA New HouseAbbey Grey
AdminsAfter Kur's RisingAlabaster
Alex HollingerAmberAmber Hollinger
And So It Begins AgainAnd Your Enemies CloserAnnabeth Chase
ArgostArtemisArthur Beeman
AthenaBeeman’s NieceBeing Parents? Piece of Cake. So Far
Black MondayBobby ChaseBoy (1)
Boy (2)BritneyBro Day
Bud HargerCarlCassandra
Cassandra is LeavingCassandra is MadChewie Hollinger
ChironCiaCj Hollinger
ClarisseConquering Fear, Part 1Conquering Fear, Part 2
Cryptid vs. CryptidCurse of the Stolen TigerDaniel
DanielleDarleenDavid Bara
DeadboltDecisions, DecisionsDemi
Differences between the story and the TV seriesDifferences between the story and the book seriesDionysus
Doc MondayDoc SaturdayDoctor Odele
Doyle BlackwellDr. PachacutecDrew Monday
Drew SaturdayEdward PriceEevee Catastrophe
Elizabeth HollingerEmily HollingerEpsilon
Eric CoplarErikEterno
Eterno (character)Everything Has Changed, Part 1Everything Has Changed, Part 2
Everything Has Changed, Part 3Everything Has Changed, Part 4Fighting with Daddy
First Sword Fighting LessonFiskerton MondayFiskerton Saturday
Food of the GiantsFrancisFrederick Chase
Ghost in the MachineGive Your Heart a BreakGokul
Grover UnderwoodGuess Who’s Going to be Dinner?Henry Cheveyo
HermesHoney HollingerI Accidentally Call my Adopted Parents my Parents
I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 1I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2I Almost Take It Too Far
I Become a Little Stupid to Make my MoveI BreakawayI Can’t Read
I Do Cool Things That I Didn’t Know I Could DoI Do Something Bad to Help Ease the PainI Do Something I Haven’t Done in Three Years
I Get ClaimedI Get Jealous of My Twin Brother and My Best FriendI Get Sick
I Get a Boy’s Attention, and He Gets MineI Get a Surprising Birthday VisitI Get an Unexpected Surprise
I Guess Not Everything Has ChangedI Have a Chat with PercyI Have a Vision of a Boy with Sea Green Eyes
I Have the Worst Vision of AllI Hear My Missing Twin Brother’s VoiceI Help Zak With His Powers
I Know What Happened and Maybe Even HowI Learn Something NewI Learn To Fly
I Learn What I Can Do With My PowersI Learn a Little More About my Mom’s Childhood PastI Lose My Best Friend
I Make a VowI Meet My New Brothers and SistersI Meet Percy Jackson, the Boy from My Visions
I Meet a Girl Who Won’t Leave Me AloneI Overhear a Planned AmbushI Share My Birthday With My New Friend Forever
I Tell my Mom my DreamI Try to Get a New FriendInto the Mouth of Darkness
It Was Good . . .It’s Cupid Killing TimeIt’s Time
I’m Told the Worse News Ever (again)Jasmine Makes Me a Beauty QueenJasmine Saturday
JasonJessicaJohnathan Saturday
Kiara HollingerKika HollingerKimbia Hollinger
Komodo MondayKomodo SaturdayKomodo is Jealous
Kur, Part 1Kur, Part 2Learning my Powers
LeoLeonardoLeonidas Van Rook
Life in the UndergroundLife is a Song . . .List of songs from the stories
Luke CastellanLuke Gets a Quest . . .Luke Goes Home
Luke and I Get an Amazing OfferMaboulMadison Hollinger
Magnus ChaseMarkMatthew Chase
May CastellanMayor JosephMichael
Miranda GreyMunyaMy Anti-Self Becomes My New Brother With a New Name
My Baby Sister Wants my Ex-BoyfriendMy Brother is BornMy Daughter Gives Me Something From Her Daddy
My Family Comes to Camp Half-BloodMy Never Ending VisionsMy Twin Brother Goes Missing
My Twin Brother’s Finally ReturnedNarmaNatalie Chase
Never Been HurtNickNicole
NightingaleNikkiOnce More the Nightmare Factory
Our Daughter, the Cupid KillerOur Family Gathers to Talk About Our SituationParis is Melting
Paul CheechooPercy JacksonPeter Hollinger
PiecemealPikachu HollingerPiper McLean
RainbowRandolph ChaseRani Nagi
Raylee HollingerRecuperatingRolo
RubyRufus ChaseRules
Sarah's DreamSarah SaturdaySavanna Chase
Second Sword Fighting Lesson and RealizationSelena HollingerSet Monday
Shadows of LemuriaShillow HollingerShoji Fuzen
Shouldn’t Come BackSilver HollingerSita
Something That I Hope is Not TrueSomething We Thought Would Never HappenSomething in the Water
Spending Father’s Day at an Amusement ParkSpikeTalu Mizuki
Target: FiskertonThaliaThalia Gets Turned Into a Tree
The Atlas PinThe AttackThe Cheerleading Squad
The End . . . For NowThe Frozen RiverThe Gift of a Best Friend
The Gift of a Friend, Part 1The Gift of a Friend, Part 2The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes
The King of Kumari KandamThe Kur GuardianThe Kur Stone, Part 1
The Kur Stone, Part 2The Legion of GarudaThe Meeting
The Movie, Part 1The Movie, Part 2The New Couple
The Owlman Feeds at MidnightThe Return of Tsul KaluThe Search for Zak Doesn’t End Well
The Swarm at the Edge of SpaceThe Thousand Eyes of AhuizotlThe Truth About my Mom’s Past
The Unblinking EyeThe Underworld BrideThe Vengeance of Hibagon
The Winter SolsticeThis is Real . . .Tica
ToothlessToto HollingerTristan McLean
Twelve Hundred Degrees FahrenheitUlrajVan Rook's Apprentice
WadiWar of the CryptidsWe Build a Grounded Treehouse
We Get a Surprising GiftWe Make Best Friendship Bracelets For Each OtherWe Meet Some New Friends
We Meet the Hunters of ArtemisWendyWhen Worlds Collide:Chat/Logs
When Worlds Collide WikiWhere Lies the EngulferWhite Tiger
Whitney SaturdayWill SolaceWyatt
Zack HollingerZack Tells Me a Surprising Secret of HisZak Saturday
Zak Saturday's Immortal Love LifeZon MondayZon Saturday
Zoë Nightshade
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