Luke Castellan is the son of May Castellan and the Greek god Hermes, a friend of Thalia, Annabeth Chase, and Jasmine Saturday in The Gift of a Best Friend, and a minor character in Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. He made his first appearance in War of the Cryptids.




  1. War of the Cryptids
  2. Everything Has Changed, Part 1
  3. Everything Has Changed, Part 2
  4. Everything Has Changed, Part 3
  5. Everything Has Changed, Part 4
  6. I Guess Not Everything Has Changed (mentioned)
  7. I Tell my Mom my Dream (mentioned)
  8. The Movie, Part 2 (mentioned)
  9. We Meet Some New Friends
  10. I Learn Something New
  11. I Have a Vision of a Boy with Sea Green Eyes
  12. Luke Goes Home
  13. We Meet the Hunters of Artemis
  14. Thalia Gets Turned Into a Tree
  15. I Get Claimed
  16. I Meet My New Brothers and Sisters
  17. My Family Comes to Camp Half-Blood
  18. My Never Ending Visions
  19. The New Couple
  20. Luke and I Get an Amazing Offer
  21. A New Home and a New Family
  22. We Build a Grounded Treehouse
  23. Cassandra is Mad
  24. I Accidentally Call my Adopted Parents my Parents (mentioned)
  25. It’s Cupid Killing Time
  26. Cassandra is Leaving
  27. The Frozen River
  28. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 1 (mentioned)
  29. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2
  30. I Make a Vow
  31. Conquering Fear, Part 1
  32. Conquering Fear, Part 2
  33. Luke Gets a Quest . . .
  34. . . . And it Ends Terribly
  35. I Have the Worst Vision of All
  36. I Get an Unexpected Surprise
  37. The Cheerleading Squad
  38. The Gift of a Friend, Part 1
  39. The Gift of a Friend, Part 2
  40. The Winter Solstice
  41. I Get a Boy’s Attention, and He Gets Mine
  42. I Meet Percy Jackson, the Boy from My Visions
  43. I Become a Little Stupid to Make my Move
  44. I Have a Chat with Percy
  45. We Capture a Flag (again)
  46. Percy Ruins a Perfectly Good Bus
  47. A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers
  48. I Make a Decision
  49. And So It Begins



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