Peter Hollinger is the son of Zack Hollinger and Selena Hollinger, the brother of Elizabeth Hollinger, the grandson of Raylee Hollinger, Cj Hollinger, Carl and Britney, the cousin of Jasmine Saturday and Johnathan Saturday, and a character in Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life and The Gift of a Best Friend. He made his first appearance in Everything Has Changed, Part 1.




  1. Everything Has Changed, Part 1
  2. Everything Has Changed, Part 2
  3. Being Parents? Piece of Cake. So Far (mentioned)
  4. A New House
  5. Our Daughter, the Cupid Killer
  6. My Daughter Gives Me Something From Her Daddy
  7. The Movie, Part 1
  8. The End . . . For Now
  9. I Meet a Girl Who Won’t Leave Me Alone
  10. I Try to Get a New Friend
  11. The Attack
  12. I Share My Birthday With My New Friend Forever
  13. My Brother is Born
  14. I Lose My Best Friend
  15. We Build a Grounded Treehouse (mentioned)
  16. It’s Cupid Killing Time (mentioned)
  17. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2



Love Interests





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