Selena Hollinger is the daughter of Britney and Carl, the husband of Zack Hollinger, the mother of Peter Hollinger and Elizabeth Hollinger, and one of the characters in Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life and The Gift of a Best Friend. She made her first appearance in The Vengeance of Hibagon.




  1. The Vengeance of Hibagon
  2. The Kur Stone, Part 2 (mentioned)
  3. Second Sword Fighting Lesson and Realization (mentioned)
  4. Fighting with Daddy
  5. Curse of the Stolen Tiger
  6. Recuperating
  7. My Baby Sister Wants my Ex-Boyfriend
  8. Food of the Giants
  9. Paris is Melting
  10. The Truth About my Mom’s Past (mentioned)
  11. After Kur's Rising
  12. This is Real . . .
  13. . . . This is Me
  14. Give Your Heart a Break
  15. My Twin Brother Goes Missing
  16. Life in the Underground
  17. My Twin Brother’s Finally Returned
  18. Everything Has Changed, Part 1
  19. Everything Has Changed, Part 2
  20. Everything Has Changed, Part 4
  21. I Guess Not Everything Has Changed
  22. I Tell my Mom my Dream (mentioned)
  23. Life is a Song . . .
  24. . . . Sing it
  25. Bro Day
  26. I Get Jealous of My Twin Brother and My Best Friend
  27. We Get a Surprising Gift
  28. Our Family Gathers to Talk About Our Situation
  29. I Do Something I Haven’t Done in Three Years (mentioned)
  30. Zack Tells Me a Surprising Secret of His
  31. Decisions, Decisions
  32. It’s Time
  33. Being Parents? Piece of Cake. So Far
  34. A New House
  35. Our Daughter, the Cupid Killer
  36. My Daughter Gives Me Something From Her Daddy
  37. The Movie, Part 1
  38. It Was Good . . .
  39. . . . Until We Said “I Do”
  40. The End . . . For Now (mentioned)
  41. I Meet a Girl Who Won’t Leave Me Alone
  42. I Try to Get a New Friend
  43. I Share My Birthday With My New Friend Forever
  44. My Brother is Born
  45. It’s Cupid Killing Time (mentioned)
  46. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2



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