The Gift of a Best Friend is a story about Annabeth Chase and Jasmine Saturday, how they become friends, best friends, and the adventures and struggles they go through both together and against each other.


Annabeth has spent most of her life on her own, alone. That is until she met a special someone before she ran away. Someone who annoys the living hell out of her. But also someone she could count on, someone who cares, beside her wherever she goes. Annabeth will learn just how much she needs her best friend, and how much her best friend needs her.

Chapter List

  1. I Meet a Girl Who Won’t Leave Me Alone
  2. I Try to Get a New Friend
  3. I Overhear a Planned Ambush
  4. I Learn To Fly
  5. The Attack
  6. I Share My Birthday With My New Friend Forever
  7. We Make Best Friendship Bracelets For Each Other
  8. I Do Cool Things That I Didn’t Know I Could Do
  9. My Brother is Born
  10. I’m Told the Worse News Ever (again)
  11. I Learn What I Can Do With My Powers
  12. I Can’t Read
  13. Jasmine Makes Me a Beauty Queen
  14. I Get Sick
  15. I Breakaway
  16. I Lose My Best Friend
  17. We Meet Some New Friends
  18. I Learn Something New
  19. I Have a Vision of a Boy with Sea Green Eyes
  20. Luke Goes Home
  21. We Meet the Hunters of Artemis
  22. Thalia Gets Turned Into a Tree
  23. I Get Claimed
  24. I Meet My New Brothers and Sisters
  25. My Family Comes to Camp Half-Blood
  26. My Never Ending Visions
  27. The New Couple
  28. Luke and I Get an Amazing Offer
  29. A New Home and a New Family
  30. We Build a Grounded Treehouse
  31. Cassandra is Mad
  32. Komodo is Jealous
  33. I Accidentally Call my Adopted Parents my Parents
  34. It’s Cupid Killing Time
  35. Cassandra is Leaving
  36. The Frozen River
  37. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 1
  38. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2
  39. I Make a Vow
  40. Conquering Fear, Part 1
  41. Conquering Fear, Part 2
  42. Luke Gets a Quest . . .
  43. . . . And it Ends Terribly
  44. I Have the Worst Vision of All
  45. I Get an Unexpected Surprise
  46. The Cheerleading Squad
  47. The Gift of a Friend, Part 1
  48. The Gift of a Friend, Part 2
  49. I Get a Surprising Birthday Visit
  50. The Winter Solstice
  51. I Get a Boy’s Attention, and He Gets Mine
  52. A New, More Unconscious Demigod Arrives
  53. I Meet Percy Jackson, the Boy from My Visions
  54. I Become a Little Stupid to Make my Move
  55. I Have a Chat with Percy
  56. We Capture a Flag (again)
  57. Percy is Offered a Quest
  58. Percy Ruins a Perfectly Good Bus
  59. We Visit the Garden Gnome Emporium
  60. We Get Advice from a Poodle
  61. Percy and I Plunge to Our Deaths
  62. Percy Becomes a Known Fugitive
  63. A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers
  64. We Take a Zebra to Vegas
  65. I Meet a Brother and Sister


Main Characters

Minor Characters